Secure and flexible AFIS

MorphoCloud raises biometric identification
to the next level

AFIS as a Service

MorphoCloud is a secure and flexible AFIS as a Service solution for IDEMIA's flagship Biometric Identification Solution (MorphoBIS). MorphoCloud is hosted on Microsoft Azure Government, the cloud platform designed to meet the U.S. government’s requirements for data security and continuity of operations. Backed by the Microsoft Azure Government platform, MorphoCloud complies with the stringent security standards for storage, transmission, monitoring, and recovery of digital information, including standards issued by the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS).

Flexible Implementation

MorphoCloud offers several configuration options addressing your agency’s specific operational requirements:

  • Disaster Recovery with system replication in the Cloud
    For agencies who want to maintain their AFIS as a networked solution, outside the cloud. The system is replicated in the cloud for a full Disaster Recovery solution.
  • Tailored AFIS with a full Cloud solution
    For agencies who want to tailor the system components they place on the cloud. Selected components run as services on the cloud.
  • Standard AFIS with a full Cloud solution
    For agencies who want to run their entire AFIS as a service on the cloud.
Features Benefits
Flexible configuration and deployment Chose the configuration that fits your agency’s needs at the present time; update your use of the cloud as your system expands.
360-security Store and use system data in confidence. MorphoCloud meets CJIS standards for security, is hosted in the U.S., and employees only screened U.S. personnel at host sites.
True disaster recovery Continue normal system functions in the event of a technical or natural disaster – system functionality and data are replicated in secure, redundant, geographically separated host sites.
High system and data availability Continue to access, work with, and upload data when an emergency disrupts normal operations.
Regular software refreshes No need to wait for a major software update. MorphoCloud’s software is refreshed regularly, allowing your system’s functionality to keep pace with the industry.
Unlimited scalability Expand your system as your data and throughput expand, without the burden of replacing hardware.

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